Lifemoss walls

LifeMoss Walls

An innovative way to give a classy touch of greenery indoors. LifeMoss is a revolution in home and office decor that creates a calm and soothing ambience in interiors. Unique surface textures and the shapes of the moss material adds a living dimension to interior design.

The distinctive products of LifeMoss include products for interior surfaces like walls, moss interior decoration products to be placed on walls or tables and hung from ceilings, as well as customized products that are manufactured by agreement with the customer.

LifeMoss’ interior design products offer a genuine experience of a soft connection with the natural surroundings of northern forests in the interior spaces of public and private buildings.

starts from the forests

LifeMoss is beautiful greyish-coloured lichen that forms large mats over the ground in  arctic regions around the circumpolar north. It grows on the surface of bare soil or gravel in the enchanting wild nature of northern forests, near the Arctic Circle.
LifeMoss comes in different colour options to suit your specific needs. You can get the moss according to the color scheme and demand of your interiors.
LifeMoss is quite flexible in terms of customization. Variety of products like moss covered lamps, moss tiles, moss spheres, moss rocks, etc are available with .us.
LifeMoss walls have an awesome visual appeal. There is no better option than this to create a touch of nature indoors and give your interiors a classy decor element.

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