Office Decor Plantation

Creating a Beautiful Office with Office Plants

Live plants that are green and healthy can be the perfect addition to office decor. Not only do plants provide a beautiful environment for employees working in the office, but decorating an office with live plants adds a professional touch that clients will appreciate. Clients waiting for an appointment will have a much more relaxing experience in an office decorated with live plants than in a cold, sterile waiting room.

Plants can be used on desks, in hallways and along walls. The current office décor needs to be considered when selecting and placing plants. This is a service that plant rental services will provide during the proposal process. The size of the space will dictate the number and size of plants that can be effectively used to create a beautiful office.

Advantages of Keeping Plants in the Office

Keeping live plants in the office makes an office beautiful and inviting, but the health benefits of indoor plants should also be explored.

Spending time indoors in an office with live plants helps workers avoid colds, headaches and high blood pressure. Some studies even suggest that indoor plants are able to reduce the possibility of developing a cold by as much as 30 percent. The air-cleaning power of plants cuts down on indoor air pollution and leads to a healthier environment.

Physical health is not the only aspect of a worker’s overall health that has been proven to improve when office plants are introduced. Research has found links between live indoor plants and an improvement in mood and lowering of stress in individuals working in such an environment. Employees who are happier and less stressed are better able to focus on work tasks and are consequently more productive.

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