Residential Plant Design

Residential Plant Design

Plants are the perfect accent for your home’s interior, but taking care of your own plants can be difficult. PLANTation Services’ “green team” will help select the right plants and containers to fit your budget and will keep your plants remaining healthy and clean.

Physical health is not the only aspect of a worker’s overall health that has been proven to improve when office plants are introduced. Research has found links between live indoor plants and an improvement in mood and lowering of stress in individuals working in such an environment. Employees who are happier and less stressed are better able to focus on work tasks and are consequently more productive.

Plants should be placed within a seven foot radius of a working area in order to provide the most health benefits.

Purchasing and caring for live office plants can be overwhelming for a busy office that needs to focus on work-related tasks, but our plant rentals can offer an office the benefits of live plants with no hassle on your end. PLANTation Services provides guaranteed plant rental services in the Central Arkansas area. The services are a one stop shop from the proposal, to delivery and regular visits to care for the plants.

There’s no need for the addition of office plants to interrupt the flow of business or the productivity of the office when PLANTation Services provides a one stop shop experience for your live plants for your office.

Take the first step toward a green, beautiful, healthy office by filling out a PLANTation Services contact form online. A representative will contact you shortly to discuss your office’s specific needs and explain services that can meet these needs.

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