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 Become a Green Consultant

You’ve probably heard time and time again that “going green” often means you “save green.” The savings can be significant, especially for businesses and corporations.

Green consultants are popping up everywhere. These consultants do a thorough evaluation of a home or business, and then put together a strategy to help people find ways to go green and save money.

For instance, you might discover a homeowner is losing a lot of energy because she doesn’t have enough insulation in the attic and her weatherstripping is shot. You’ll help purchase green energy technologies that help them save energy, start a recycling program, and be more efficient in general.

One way to get started is to check out Green Irene Eco Consultants.  you get a full online training package, as well as plenty of support and materials to help you start your eco consulting business.

Some technical schools and adult education classes will also teach you how to be a green consultant. Or, you could also go the DIY route, and study on your own.

Make Organic Soap

Making soap isn’t as hard as a lot of people think. This is a side business I’m thinking of starting myself this summer, and I’ve already started researching on what I need to get it going.

The cool thing about homemade soap is that you can make it really unique. For example, you can make goat’s milk soaps, organic soaps, herbal soaps, aromatherapy soaps…the world is your oyster! You can sell your homemade soaps at farmers’ markets, crafts fairs, and online through marketplaces like Etsy and eBay.

Thanks to the down economy, and an increasing concern about food safety and pesticide use, more and more people are getting into home gardening. But, it can be overwhelming, especially to those who have never started seeds from scratch or tried to pick out vegetables to grow.

You could build an awesome side business by doing all of this work for them. You could sell “garden packs” prepared for beginners, especially those who want to get into container gardening. If you have a green thumb and love planting, this would be a fun and rewarding side business to get into.

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