Supply Mulch/Soil/Install

Delivery of Bulk Mulch & Soil

Delivery of bulk material is available throughout many areas of Florida.

For mulch, we require a minimum order of 20 cubic yards for delivery and can deliver up to 100 cubic yards at a time. For soil, we require a minimum order of 20 cubic yards for delivery and can deliver up to 35 cubic yards at a time. You may also pick-up many products at our convenient Delray Beach store. Please call for availabilities.

In addition to our manufacturing division, Amerigrow is a full-service organic recycling facility that specializes in landscape debris pick-up and disposal, organic composting, terra seeding and erosion control. Our customers appreciate the high level of service we provide, whether by guaranteeing fast and reliable service in debris pick-up, delivery of material or installation of our products. Come visit us at our one-stop-shop in Delray Beach!

We have the largest fleet of high-capacity trucks in Florida and are the ONLY blow-on installation company in South Florida that manufactures the products we install.

We do year-round work for homeowners associations, apartment and condominium communities, golf courses, landscapers, business properties, hotels & resorts, schools, municipalities and other large-scale projects. Mulching Solutions requires a minimum order of 30 cubic yards per Blow-on Installation job (may be more, depending on location) and no quantity is ever too large!

The design team is often led by a landscape architect or garden designer, specifically trained in the design and development of therapeutic gardens. It is strongly recommended horticultural therapists presence in the design process, since they are professionals specialized in the use of the gardens as a therapeutic tool, who know all the potentialities of a garden for this purpose, since it is their working tool with people with disabilities or illness.

The majority of elements in a therapeutic garden should be plant related, such as perennials that attract hummingbirds, shrubs that attract butterflies and water features for gold fish and Koi. Plants familiar to those using the therapeutic garden need to be non-toxic and non-injurious. Issues related to sustainability of the garden, such as using native plants and rain water harvesting, should also be considered in the overall design. Attracting nature, such as butterflies, gold finch and hummingbirds into the therapeutic garden, is important.


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